Sunset Policy

Extreme Point of Sale, Inc. and Extreme Software Corporation takes great pride in providing superior software and hardware support and services to our customers. In order for us to accomplish this, periodically we retire or “sunset” older versions of the POS software we offer. This means that ongoing support and business services for software are discontinued for these older versions. Currently, all versions 4.0 or older of ExtremePOS, Musicware for Windows and Praiz for Windows have sunset. If you would like to receive support in the future then please contact ESC support to purchase an update to the current version. Please visit this website periodically for sunset announcements. As of the end of 2022, all versions older than 5.0 will be sunset.

Extreme Point of Sale, Inc. and Extreme Software Corporation cannot assure that it will be able to provide product registrations or offer data and password recovery for sunset versions of its software. Replacement software and manuals will no longer be available for sunset versions, therefore we strongly recommend that customers use supported versions of our software.

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