Retro Games Plus

We made the decision to integrate Extreme POS into our retail video game stores over 8 years ago and it was by far the best decision we could have made. The program has proven to be an amazing asset when it comes to changing prices and information for our over 20,000 items in our database, doing inventory, managing customer accounts and running reports. As we expanded to 4 store locations we integrated with the Corporate Server application which has allowed us to quickly and easily change prices from one central location for all stores.

The program is easy to use and maneuver around and it takes very little time to get my employees up and running with the software and using it right away. The updates over the years have worked out any small bugs and the program works perfectly for our day to day store operations. If it werent for Extreme POS we would not have been able to open 4 store locations and manage them remotely.

Both Jeremy Spencer and Tom Kent have been great to work with over the years. Any time we needed support or have had issues Jeremy has always been readily available and able to solve problems on the spot with a quick support call. Tom has been great to work with as we expanded to more store locations and needed new equipment and features as we expanded.

I would highly recommend Extreme POS to any retailer looking for a sound POS program with few flaws and easy to use features.

4 Stores, Customer Since 2011