Buy/Sell/Trade Markets

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For over 20 years, ThunderPOS has built the largest set of features around the needs of buy/sell/trade stores. All of this is available to all users. However, we would like to highlight things that are of interest to certain types of stores. The following are markets we target and continue to support with constant innovation at the point of sale and inventory control:

Video Game Stores

See our features important to your game store. This includes importing and price updates from BRE and VGPC databases, Leads Online reporting, and serial number tracking. Create preorders, rental items, and make bundles. Create and invoice repairs. And even design your own, customized register for buy/sell/trade!

Music and Vinyl Stores

If you have a record and vinyl store, ThunderPOS has the features that you’re looking for in inventory control! Import and update your items from Discogs and Alliance databases (including item images from Discogs). Automate reporting to Soundscan and Streetpulse. List track information for albums. Additionally, ThunderPOS also features one of the most powerful purchase ordering/vendor systems you’ll find, handles special collectible copies of your vinyl, accepts special orders and more.

Bookstore POS

ThunderPOS includes numerous features that are perfect for your bookstore. Get various detailed sales and inventory reports. Use a powerful purchase ordering and vendor return system. Integrate with the Ingram books database. Take a physical inventory with multiple options. Create customizable touch screen buttons for café menus. Additional features exist to support collectible books, along with an event scheduler.

Vape Shop POS

ThunderPOS has everything you need for your vape supply store. This includes support for variant items. Use automatic limiting for age restricted items. Get driver’s license scanning support for adding customers. Create bundles of items, and more!

Collectible Store POS

Have a store with a wider range of collectible items? ThunderPOS has you covered. With support for variants items, age restricted items, driver’s license scanning support, bundles, copy tracking and barcoding, and much more you will find what you need!

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