ThunderPOS Features

ThunderPOS Windows Register/BackOffice

ThunderPOS is one of the most powerful, comprehensive POS software solutions, especially for buy/sell/trade stores. Buy/sell/trade is built in throughout ThunderPOS seamlessly. You can buy, sell, take a trade, and do a special order deposit, all on the same invoice! You can set multiple used prices based on condition levels, set prices for cash and credit trade-ins, set up and sell collectible copies of an item, and much more…

The screenshots below show some of our most popular features. These images feature the ThunderPOS Windows program, which serves as both a Register and Back Office station. ThunderPOS gives you the choice of Cloud or on-site hosting of your store data, Windows or iPad registers, and store management from the Windows application or from any device on You can check out the iPad register here and the website here. ThunderPOS works with both integrated and external credit card options, giving you flexibility in your payment processing.


The basic register layout for windows
The ThunderPOS Windows Register offers simplicity, flexibility and power. Everything is at your fingertips. Shown is our of our standard register designs. But with ThunderPOS, you can design your own right in the software.

A register screen being customized for the needs of a particular store
Do radically different designs with the color scheme of your choice with our Register Designer feature

A touch version of the register
Support for touch menus throughout, including in many of the prebuilt register templates

Manage Items

Searching for items in item management
Easily and quickly find items in your inventory

Discogs database graphical searching
Use third party databases such as Discogs to find new items and import them to your store

Editing items, including setting a picture
With ThunderPOS, you can choose to track just as few or as many details on your items as you want. From the Item Management screen, you can even import images and control which items you post to your eCommerce site.

Setting up a promotion
ThunderPOS offers you a comprehensive and powerful promotion system that allows you to develop customized promotions for your customers. BOGO, one-time, recurring, trade-in promotions, and more!
Easily and rapidly design your own barcode label layouts using an intuitive and simple interface.

Manage Customers

Searching for customers
Quickly find customers at the register or back office. Add and edit customer information.

Editing a customer in ThunderPOS
Track whatever level of customer information you need. Create customer accounts for trade-ins, enroll customers in your rewards plans, etc.

Viewing and performing customer account transactions
Quickly view transaction history for a customer from ThunderPOS. You can also run a variety of reports to help you identify your top customers and more.


Viewing reports in ThunderPOS
Powerful and easy prebuilt reports. Check out a full list of available reports

Creating a custom report in ThunderPOS
When the prebuilt reports won’t do, use our custom Report Generator to create your own!

More Features – There are too many features to fully cover here, but below are just a few…

Amount tendered screen in ThunderPOS
ThunderPOS gives you integrated credit card support and allows you to easily sell and redeem Gift Cards at the register

Editing employee permissions
ThunderPOS lets you manage your employee information and define their role in the store. Choose from preset permission levels or individually customize over 25 individual permissions for each employee. ThunderPOS also allows employees to clock in and out at the register so you can track employee hours.

Performing a purchase order
ThunderPOS powerful, flexible and comprehensive Purchase Ordering and Vendor Return system stands out in the industry

Printing barcodes through the point of sale
Flexible barcode printing, decide what you want to print on your stickers. We support numerous brands and models of label printers.

Manage event schedules through ThunderPOS
Book customer appointments for your store

Set up text messaging for a low price per text
Set up text messaging to communicate with your customers. For example, notify them about a new promotion or when their order comes in

WooCommerce integration settings for the Cloud POS
Integrate ThunderPOS with your Webstore using either WooCommerce or Shopify. Sync up inventory levels and product changes, and receive notifications of incoming orders.
Track tips through cash or through a supported integrated credit processor.
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