Tips coming soon in ThunderPOS

As stores look to draw customers coming out of the pandemic, more and more are adding some simple food and drink service options. Along with this, we’ve had requests for some way to handle tips, especially with the integrated credit card options.

For credit cards, we’re going to be offering tips at the time of transaction. When using an EMV device, the device will prompt the customer for adding a tip. Depending on your integration, this may be available in or may be further down the road. In all cases, tips are an optional feature; you don’t have to worry that you’ll suddenly be asking the customer for a tip if you’re a store where that would be inappropriate.

For the new PAX integration, currently supported with EVO, you can enable or disable prompting for the tip on a register-specific basis. You might want it on at your café register, but off within your music store, as an example. This can be changed as you need to, with a simple checkbox option in settings.

For Genius devices, enabling the prompt is not done through the point of sale. Instead, you will talk to your processor and they’ll enable it on the Genius device; we’ll handle it in the point of sale regardless. This can also be changed on an individual terminal level, though since you need to talk to your processor changing the setting will take longer than with the PAX unit.

As a separate option, you can also choose to record cash tips on transactions. This will purely be for reporting purposes.

You’ll be able to see tips of both cash and credit on your sales totals, and there is also a new report that will break out your tips by the employee who processed the transaction, in case you need this. This report is also locked behind the normal employee permissions for reporting.

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