PAX Devices now supported through EVO

We’re adding another credit card integration, utilizing PAX terminals. These devices are android-based, and support chip, swipe, and contactless payment. They’re also connected to your network, instead of directly connecting to your PC.

The two main types of units we’re recommending for use with ThunderPOS are the A60, which is a more mobile unit that will sit on your wifi network, and the A80, which allows for a wifi connection or an ethernet one. However, at the time of this post, there is a chip shortage impacting the availability of the A80. Most customers will want to use the A60 of the units available now.

The A60, pictured above with a test credit card for scale, is slightly larger than the average smartphone. It has an internal battery, allowing you to either keep it plugged in to power constantly or carry it around the store.

If you’re interested in this integration, contact Sales at (919) 387-7597×100 for more information or to be put in touch with EVO.

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