Bookstore POS

In addition to the many features available for all stores, the following are of particular interest to Book Stores:

Praiz Splash Screen
  • Integration with industry databases, including Amazon and Spring Arbor
  • Buy, sell, take a trade and do a special order deposit, all on the same invoice
  • Powerful purchase ordering and vendor return options

Item Searching
Powerful and Flexible Inventory Searching

A register design being customized
Do radically different designs with the color scheme of your choice for your register
Vendor databases search and import
Search and bring in from data from leading vendor databases

Flexible promotions for discounting
A flexible promotion system for automated discounting

Customize the item grid
Customize the fields that display on your item searches

View the transaction history for a customer
Quickly view transaction history for a customer

A darker register design option
Another example of the different designs possible in the register design creator

Prebuilt report selection screen
Powerful and easy prebuilt reports

Set up a customer display screen
Utilize a secondary screen as a customer display

Custom generate a report
When the prebuilt reports won’t do, there is a report generator that may cover your needs

Edit an item and change pictures
Many available fields, including a picture

Generate and track your customers and their activity
A simple, useful customer system

Print a variety of label designs
Flexible barcode printing, to place the fields that you need on your stickers. Multiple models supported.
Easily design your own barcode labels with a simple graphical interface
Event scheduling within ThunderPOS
A scheduler for customer events
A basic register layout
Easy invoicing at the register screen

Editing a customer
A great many possible fields for Customers if you want them, but only a few required ones

Texting options within ThunderPOS
Integration with Text Messaging

A tender screen for a bookstore
Accept Credit and Gift Cards at the register with integrated processing options available
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