WooCommerce Integration

Working with our cloud version, we are proud to offer an integration to a WooCommerce shop, such as the one available on this very site through the shop link in the upper right. WooCommerce can be used with any WordPress based website to sync inventory between your store and your ecommerce site.

WooCommerce store

The integration will allow you to send up products, inventory levels and pricing updates, and receive notification of orders coming back. This works both through your Windows registers and through the thunderpos.net backoffice website. We have both video tutorials on this, as well as a guide on how to get this integration going.

These tutorial videos will explain in somewhat greater detail how to set up the integration, and how it works. You’ll need a WordPress website to get started; there are many hosts available for this.

Once you’ve gotten the integration set up, you’ll simply need to make certain you remember to check the ‘on website’ button for items that you want to have upload to the site.

Add items for listing online as well as in store using the “On Website” section in the bottom right.
See notifications of when orders are sent in from your ecommerce store at your register
View orders that have come in for processing and get your inventory updated automatically
View combined sales totals with online and in store together
Setup with your thunderpos.net account is easy and takes as little as five minutes
History of your ecommerce sales is easily available through either thunderpos.net or your windows client, as well as your WooCommerce page itself.