Cloud users can manage their store from any device on the website. The site allows you complete control to manage things like items, customers, employees, purchase orders, promotions, store settings, etc. You can also run over 30 types of reports, view transactions and sales at any store, create transfers between your stores and more! See some sample screens below…

Do you want to check out Just log in using our demo account at

User Name:

Password: democustomer

*NEW* The Backoffice register is now available to try out on this demo account. This will allow you to complete transactions through the backoffice, the same as the iPad or Windows clients!

The Register can be used from an amazing variety of devices, such as on a phone as pictured above.

You can also use this register from any sort of tablet, such as an iPad or a Kindle Fire.

And, of course, you can use any desktop or laptop to use the site. Credit card integrations are available. Please give a try and send your feedback or questions in to!

Employee Scheduler in the Backoffice

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