Web Back Office

Coming soon, those using ThunderPOS with a cloud database will be able to use our new web-based back office interface, for managing such things as items, customers, doing reporting, creating employees and managing their permissions.

For those not currently using a cloud database, the option to migrate is initially limited to those not using vendor databases and not on Enterprise. A cloud version with support for these features is forthcoming.

The back office is designed to work on many different devices, from phone to desktop.

As an example, above are a variety of screens and functions within the back office on a phone. This is far from everything – there are over 30 distinct reports available from the backoffice, for instance – but rather a simple sampling of the available screens.

Depending on your edition level, you can grant web access to up to fifteen of your employees, with differing levels of permission for what they can view and change, and just as easily revoke it if an employee leaves you.

Desktop view of listing employees

If you are interested in using these features, keep an eye on this space! You’ll need to be on a cloud based database, which does carry a monthly charge but also means you can get by with less powerful hardware on site.