POS Hardware

We are often asked what POS hardware is necessary to use ThunderPOS. This depends a little on what you’re wanting to do, but only a few things are required.

You will absolutely need a device to run the software on. This would be an iPad for the iPad version, or a Windows computer for the Windows version. At this time, we strongly recommend Windows 10, and any computers sold by us will be Windows 10 by default. Beyond this are optional hardware pieces, depending on your needs.

If you want to get everything from us, we have two hardware bundles available:

Deluxe Bundle

The Deluxe Turnkey Bundle includes an all in one touch computer, a scanner, a cash drawer, a customer display, an inventory batch scanner, a label printer, and a receipt printer.

Turnkey Bundle

The Turnkey Bundle includes a PC, a monitor, a cash drawer, a scanner, and a receipt printer – the POS hardware for a basic register station setup.

You can also buy these additional hardware pieces individually from us. Below is a brief description of all of these.

Basic Hardware

Receipt Printer

Receipt Printer – A thermal receipt printer uses heat and special receipt rolls to print without using ink. The receipt printers that we sell are 3 inches wide, but ThunderPOS can also support 2 inch printers.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner – This device allows you to scan barcodes, typically printed onto the product by the manufacturer or printed through a label printer. For the most part, we sell hand held scanners that can also be used with a stand.

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer – The cash drawers sold by us hook into the receipt printer to be popped automatically at the end of transactions.

Advanced Hardware

Label Printer

Label Printer – These printers allow you to make your own barcoded labels for items. Almost every store will want at least one of those, but unlike the basic hardware you won’t necessarily need one for every station. This can really depend on the needs of your store.


Inventory Batch Scanner – This device is primarily used for performing physical inventories. It also allows you to scan items without the point of sale being occupied, dropping entire shelves worth into the POS at a time.

Display Pole

Customer Display – You can use this to show the customer what is being done on the transaction. Customize the color scheme and set up logos for this through the system.

Credit Card Reader – If you’re using one of our integrated partners for credit card processing, you’ll need to get the appropriate hardware. Pricing may vary.

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