Game Store POS

We offer the best POS solution for independent video game stores, with an emphasis on retro game retailers.  In addition to the many features for all stores, we have quite a few that are of interest to these stores.

  • Buy, sell, take a trade, rent, make a preorder deposit or a special order deposit, all from the same invoice.
  • Track new and used quantities and prices on the same screen.
  • Automatically suggest selling used copies if available, helping you turn over your higher margin inventory quicker.
  • Track serial numbers on consoles and other hardware to keep you safe from fraud
  • Automated reporting for trades to Leads Online, reducing your burden of work in reporting as may be required by local law.
  • Support for a variety of pricing schematics for used product and conditions, including trades for cash or store credit.
  • Optional subscriptions to leading pricing databases from Price Charting or BRE Software can let you automate updating your trade and selling values.
  • An option for automatic printing of barcode labels for items that are traded in, making the process of turning an item from a trade to a salable piece of inventory instantaneous.
  • Customer discount cards, which can be set up with custom promotions.  These can consist of flat discounts on particular products, buy one get one type promotions, bonus credit on trades, and others.
  • Extensive set of available reports.

Register designer being used to customize a layout
Do radically different designs with the color scheme of your choice for your register
Database import list
Search and bring in from data from leading vendor databases
Easily design your own barcode labels with a simple graphical interface
Add a promotion
A flexible promotion system for automated discounting

A darker register layout
Another example of the different designs possible in the register design creator

Custom report generator
When the prebuilt reports won’t do, there is a report generator that may cover your needs

An item being edited, including setting a picture
Many available fields, including a picture

An amount tendered screen, including gift card and credit card processing
Accept Credit and Gift Cards at the register with integrated processing options available
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