Record Store POS

In addition to the many features available for all stores in Thunder POS, the following are of particular interest in tracking CDs, DVDs, Vinyl, t-shirts, posters, accessories, and anything else for Record and Vinyl Stores:

Formerly known as Musicware, we’ve brought the record store specific features into our main ThunderPOS product as the Musicware Edition.
  • Reporting to Soundscan and Streetpulse, including automatic SFTP upload to Soundscan
  • Integration with industry databases, including All Media Supply, Alliance, and Super D.
  • Graphical integration with the Discogs database; see video below for details.
  • Buy, sell, take a trade and do a special order deposit, all on the same invoice
  • ABCDE style condition grading percentage is especially nice for used vinyl.
  • Powerful purchase ordering and vendor return options
  • Wide range of available reports

Discogs Database visual search
Utilize an integration with the Discogs database for a powerful, graphical search

Flexible and powerful automatic promotions
A flexible promotion system for automated discounting

A large number of prebuilt reports are available for monitoring your store
Powerful and easy prebuilt reports
Easily design your own barcode labels with a simple graphical interface
Edit items, including setting a picture
Many available fields, including a picture that may be brought in from Discogs.

Manage your customers
A simple, useful customer system

Print barcode labels within the system
Flexible barcode printing, to place the fields that you need on your stickers. Multiple models supported.

Text your customers for marketing or reminders
Integration with Text Messaging
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