Record Store POS

In addition to the many features available for all stores, the following are of particular interest to Record Stores:

Formerly known as Musicware, we’ve brought the record store specific features into our main ThunderPOS product as the Musicware Edition.
  • Reporting to Soundscan and Streetpulse
  • Integration with industry databases, including All Media Supply, Alliance, and Super D.
  • Extensive integration with the Discogs database; see video below for details.
  • Buy, sell, take a trade and do a special order deposit, all on the same invoice
  • ABCDE style condition grading percentage is particularly useful for used vinyl.
  • Powerful purchase ordering and vendor return options
  • Extensive set of available reports

Powerful and Flexible Inventory Searching
Do radically different designs with the color scheme of your choice for your register
Utilize an integration with Discogs for a powerful, graphical search
A flexible promotion system for automated discounting
Customize the fields that display on your item searches
Quickly view transaction history for a customer
Another example of the different designs possible in the register design creator
Powerful and easy prebuilt reports
Utilize a secondary screen as a customer display
When the prebuilt reports won’t do, there is a report generator that may cover your needs
Many available fields, including a picture that may be brought in from Discogs.
A simple, useful customer system
Flexible barcode printing, to place the fields that you need on your stickers. Multiple models supported.
A scheduler for customer events
Easy invoicing at the register screen
A great many possible fields for Customers if you want them, but only a few required ones
Integration with Text Messaging