Shopify Integration

Beginning with version 5.8, we are happy to offer integration with Shopify for the cloud version of our software.

This integration will allow you to sync product up from your system on an item by item basis, and then receive notification and reports on your orders that have been received through your ecommerce site.

To learn more about setting up the Shopify integration, we have a tutorial video available as well as a written guide.

Instructions for setup with ThunderPOS and Shopify

When working with an ecommerce integration, listing a product online is as easy as checking this box on the products screen:

Editing item within the backoffice to set the website sync
Simply mark Website Sync to have the item listed on your Shopify site

Once you’ve tied the two together, you’ll also get notifications and reports based on your activity on the shopify site, helping you keep inventory accurate on both your website and in your physical store.

A notification within the backoffice
Notifications will come in as orders are placed on your site
View a report for items sold through Shopify
Reporting through the system gives you easy access to the history of an item