Consignment Store POS

In addition to the many features available for all stores, the following are of particular interest to consignment stores:

  • Track consignors and their contact information, balances, and inventory.
  • Flexible commissions system allows you to set defaults on the consignor or item level
  • Ability to do a wide range of items, from books to figurines, clothing to furniture.
  • Easily sell a mixture of consignment items from different consignors, or store merchandise, on the same invoice. ThunderPOS will keep track of commissions to be paid to the appropriate consignor for you!
  • Use item variations to generate different sizes or colors of clothing or other items with different styles, and easily link them to the same consignor.
  • Easily receive in stock or return stock of items to and from your consignors
  • Generate statements for mailing to your consignors for periods of your choosing
  • Extensive set of available reports

View or search all of your consignors and their balances, and access management functions for them such as orders or making payouts
Easily receive stock of items or create new items from your consignors on the fly
Make payouts or adjustments to your consignor’s balance of commissions
Mark items as consignment or not, allowing you to use very similar interfaces for store-owned merchandise and consignment items
Collectible Copies interface in Windows
Set up different copies of the same item for sale with individual tracking and pricing
Set up promotions for your store in the Windows point of sale
A flexible promotion system for automated discounting
Easily design your own barcode labels with a simple graphical interface
View a variety of reports quickly for your store
Powerful and easy prebuilt reports

Edit an item, including associating an image with it
Many available fields, including notes that can be displayed to the cashier at the time of sale.

Print barcodes for your products
Flexible barcode printing, to place the fields that you need on your stickers. Multiple models supported.
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