Flexible Promotions

Are you looking to drive some business into your vape shop? Need to get more customers to trade in inventory for your game store? Using and advertising a promotion might be just what you need.

You can reach the setup screen for this through the Store menu under the promotions option. You will need to be logged in as an administrator.

Before setting up promotions, there are a few things you should know.

First, you can turn promotions off of any invoice or any line item. You might want to do this if you’re needing to manually reprice an item, for instance.

Second, no line item can benefit from more than one promotion. This also includes not applying other types of promotions to the items that are part of a “Buy x get y” type promotion. For example, if you have one promotion that gives 10% off all new items, and another that gives 15% off new vinyl records, vinyl records would only get 15% off.

Also, you should make certain to make your promotion title descriptive. If you select the option to print promotion information on receipts, this title will be printed.

When setting up the promotion, you should work from the top down, making certain everything is appropriately set. The promotion title and long description are freeform, but should make it clear to you and your customer what the promotion is about.

Promotion Given To will give you two choices: Either everyone gets the promotion, or it’s limited to specific customers or those with specific discount cards. For customers, you’ll be able to add them here. For discount cards, you’ll do that through the item screen of the discount card.

Under Times Promotion Given, you can select when the promotion applies. The default here is simply that it’s always on. However, you can instead to have it apply certain days of the week, or for a date range. A date range can be useful for things like Black Friday sales, where days of the week is useful for more recurring promotions.

Promotion Gives is the most central thing – what does the customer get while this promotion happens? There are five basic types. Four of them are for items you are selling; the last is a bonus percentage for items coming into the store. This can either apply to cash trades, credit trades, or both.

For sales, you have a few choices. First, and most straightforward, you can give a discount. This can be either a specific dollar amount off or a percentage. The dollar amount off will not take the price of any item below zero.

You can also just set a specific price for all the items on a promotion; for example, all used PS4 accessories might be $20. This is often used with a specific list of items rather than a department or category.

Finally, you can do a buy x get y type promotion. This could be anything from buy 1 get 3 free to buy 3 get 1 25% off. If you do this promotion, the cheapest items in each set will be the ones to get the discount. For instance, if you did buy 2 get 1 free and they bought six items, the third most expensive item would be free, and then the cheapest item would also be free.

The last thing you will need to do is set up the items that should be included in the promotion. You can do this either by setting up departments and categories, or specifically listing items to include. You can also exclude items from the promotion even if they’re in the departments and categories. Note that items must be in BOTH the selected departments and categories to be included in the promotion this way.

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