ThunderPOS Loyalty

ThunderPOS Loyalty, available through, is the way that users on the cloud version of our point of sale can give access to their customers to information about their store accounts.

This will allow a customer to see information. They can view their account balance, what an item might be worth in trade, or what promotions are ongoing. Customers can easily check rewards balance, and more from anywhere. This will drive return traffic back to your store over and over again.

Setup instructions for ThunderPOS Loyalty

The easiest way to get customers to your loyalty page is simple. You can include information about it on your receipt, whether emailed or printed. Printed codes on the receipt will let customers sign up with your store, linked to their customer account.

Signin page for Loyalty
Login page for ThunderPOS Loyalty

The customer will see a number of options for things that they can do after being linked, depending on settings.

Phone screenshot of getting a trade quote
Build a trade in, shown on a phone

One key feature you may want to allow for is giving the customer the ability to do trade quotes. This will let them see what their items may be worth if they bring them in and trade for cash or for credit. This will give the customer ways to search your inventory and view pricing.

Phone screenshot of summary screen
A customer’s sample home screen

Immediately after logging in, your customer will be able to see a variety of information depending on their status and what you choose to show in the settings. This can include how long they’ve been a customer, their account balance, their rewards points balance, current promotions they are eligible for, and their discount card status.

Phone screenshot of the gift card balance
Gift card balance check, on phone

Customers can also see the status of any gift cards they may have if you are using internal cards. This option is available potentially even for those who haven’t been linked to a customer account, depending on the settings you choose.

Phone screenshot of transactions
Transaction History for a customer

Customers will also be able to easily view their history of transactions with your store. Also, this saves paper by not needing to print receipts.

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