Web-Based Backoffice Interface Coming Soon

For our customers using a cloud database, we have an exciting new set of options coming up. In addition to the existing Windows client, you will be able to manage your store through a website from your desktop, phone, or other mobile device. This will initially include managing items and customers, viewing many reports, managing employees, and other functionality. Plans are to expand this over time as well.

Login Screen for the backoffice site on desktop

We’re going to go through a few of the sections here, and show how they appear differently from one device to another.

For example, here is adding an item through a desktop:

Desktop Item Create
Item Creation on Desktop

And here’s the same screen on a phone interface:

Mobile Create Item
Creating Item from a Phone

While you would likely not want to enter hundreds or thousands of items through your phone, it can be very useful if you need to add or edit one or two things quickly or if nobody with permission to create items is available at an environment with a keyboard.

Sales Totals Report on Desktop

Reporting, on the other hand, is something we expect to be much more frequently done via phone.

Phone Sales Totals Report

If you are not currently using a cloud database, how and when can you convert?

New customers can use a cloud database rather than an on-premise computer for a fee of $25 per month.

Existing customers can switch to the cloud for this same fee with the following restrictions: At present, a cloud-based database is not compatible with utilizing the Enterprise features or vendor databases such as BRE or VGPC.

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