Graphical Label Designer in ThunderPOS

ThunderPOS currently gives you the ability to generate custom labels using your printers command line interface. However, these require a level of technical skill that many users don’t have, and it can be challenging to get the exact layout you want. To resolve this, we have introduced our graphical label designer feature. Now, you can use a simple, visual, intuitive interface to accurately and efficiently customize your label designs for your store. The designs can be tailored to the label size of your choice, both for items and customers.

To access the designer, you will just need to go into the label printing screen, click “Modify Design”, and then hit the “Design Label” button at the bottom of the screen. From here, you’ll get both a toolbox, from which you can manage and add new elements, and a canvas that allows you to see the label in progress and position elements. In the event you want to move something that’s already on the label, it’s as easy as clicking on it and moving it. If you want, you can also set the coordinates through the edit screen for extra precision.

Among the elements you can add are text labels, data from the item that you’re printing, the barcode, lines, and images you have set within the system. You can customize the font and size for any of the text. Labels can be set up to be anywhere from 0.5 x 0.5 inches all the way up to 8.5 x 11 inches.

The designer also gives you the ability to modify or delete any elements on your label, through the current elements list. In the event of an overlap between two elements, whichever is lower on the list will be the one that appears and prints. ThunderPOS comes with several predesigned custom labels that you can use as a starting point for your labels by loading them and saving to your own design name.

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