Employee Scheduling

Available through the backoffice, you can manage your employees’ upcoming shifts, making it easy to see who’s working when. You can reach this screen by going through the employee menu and selecting the scheduler option along the top. This method of employee scheduling can increase your manager’s efficiency greatly.

Labor scheduler in week-long view

This picture shows a sample schedule which already has a number of shifts on it. There are a few details of this worth pointing out.

First, the scheduler is presently shown in the week view. You can look at the schedule by day, week, or month. Next, each employee has a color code assigned to them, to make it easier to see what shifts go with who. You can see the key for this by clicking the “Show Color Key” button in the top left.

You can also get a summary of how many hours each employee is scheduled for within a time period. To do this, click the “Show Summary” button and enter the date range you want to view, and you’ll get a summary like the following:

Employee Scheduler Summary

In order to actually add shifts to the calendar, there are two options. The more straightforward is to simply click add. Put in the basic information the system requires from you – the start and end times, the date, and the employee – and the shift will be created.

You can also copy all shifts over from one time period to another, and then simply edit any changes needed. This can make the scheduling process extremely quick if the schedule is largely the same from week to week. To do this, click “Copy Dates” in the top left, and just put in the range of times you want to copy.

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