Performance Improvements

In the most recent set of updates to the Windows version, an emphasis has been placed on performance improvements. Especially for cloud customers, and for additional stations in environments where the network is slow. We’d like to highlight a few areas where this may be noticeable for customers. These are applicable to versions or higher.

Item Search Screen in ThunderPOS

One area you’ll be likely to notice a difference in even on the server computer is item searching. In particular, this will be obvious when using the quick search function to look up items. Depending on the situation, the performance time for this search should be as much as halved.

Another area of focus was on adding items to the transaction.

Register Screen in ThunderPOS

This should be most improved for cloud customers. However, all customers will notice a faster time on adding items. Transactions with large numbers of items (50+) should see the most benefit.

Customer Search Screen in ThunderPOS

Customer searching is another area where you should see some performance gains. Similar to items, this can as much as half this search time over prior versions.

In addition to these, there are improvements made to saving purchase orders, repairs, and vendor returns.

In order to make certain you have these performance improvements, check that you are on version or greater. If you’re supported and need help updating, feel free to contact support. Remember that all monthly licenses include support.

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