Collectible Copies in a Music Store

There are a lot of options for how to handle conditions within the system for music stores and game stores. These work great for many purposes where copies of items will generally fall within the conditions. For example, one near mint-condition copy of many video games or vinyl records is much like another copy of the same item and condition.

However, there are items where this isn’t the case, where other attributes beyond just condition may greatly change the pricing between items. This could be stamps, coins, comic books or rarer media items like the above.

The example we’re going to use here is that of instruments in a music store. Specifically, we’re going to set up copies of a Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s guitar.

First, you’ll set up the generic item under a primary item ID as normal. You can still sell this instead of individual copies, so the pricing here should be accurate if most copies of this item do not need to be tracked.

Once that’s done, you’ll go down to the more button in the item grid -> management -> collectible copies. This will bring up the management screen.

There are a few things you can do from here, but the place to start on a new item is by selecting the attributes you want this item to have. In this case, for the guitar, our music store has a single attribute, the style.

Currently, we have two copies set up here for this guitar model. One is a used guitar with a cherry finish. Our notes indicate that there’s some minor damage to the guitar, but nothing that really damages the resale value. This one is available for $1499.99.

The other copy is a new guitar with a standard finish. This one is at the MSRP of $2499.99.

If you want to add a new copy, just hit add in the bottom left.

The system will let you enter the price and new/used of this copy, along with the notes. It will then prompt you for the attributes that the base item wants to have.

When you sell the item, you can select between any copies that haven’t yet been sold, as well as simply selling the base generic item as you would any other.

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