Shift Closeouts

ThunderPOS users typically run their shift closeout procedures outside of the software, using the sales totals report data for balancing. If you want to continue to do that, you can. If you are looking for a way to do this within ThunderPOS, our new Shift Closeout feature will allow you to do that. Now, you can log shift closeout information and any discrepancies for cash, checks and credit, view shift closeout reports, and edit/delete shift closeout information (if you’re an administrator).

At the end of each shift, you can enter your cash, check and credit information and the system will calculate the discrepancy between that and what was expected. To access the new feature, you can launch it from the register actions button. There is also a new Closeout Shift button that you can add to your register design.

We have made the shift closeout feature flexible. You can run it for a specific cashier or all cashiers, a specific register or all registers, and choose your start and end time. You will need administrative privileges to perform a closeout for any day other than the current day. Choosing Sales Report will show your sales totals report for the same criteria, and enter your amounts. Shift closeout is not a required process for using the system. It is simply a convenient way of keeping your closeout information within your store database.

Reporting will show you each shift and the discrepancies recorded, allowing you to easily find problem cashiers or offsetting errors.

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