Performance Improvements in ThunderPOS 23.2.1

With the upcoming release of 23.2.1, we’ve taken a focus on reengineering some screens for improved performance. In particular, there has been a focus on purchase orders, vendor returns, item searching, and customer searching. While cloud users are likely to gain the most from this, all users will see benefits.

For purchase orders, you should particularly see improvements when loading or saving the order, especially if not doing a receive all. You may also see some improvements when moving items between orders or when performing searches. If you run the standard text report, this has also been sped up in this release.

Vendor returns, similar to purchase orders, should see particular improvements ar0und loading and saving, with smaller gains in speed to be found around reporting and searching.

Item and customer searching will now display on-screen the search criteria that were used. Additionally, searches should be substantially faster in some network setups, and in particular when going between different pages of the same search.

We hope that these changes will be helpful for our customers moving forward!

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