WooCommerce Hosting Available

One thing many of our customers struggle with is finding an eCommerce platform to host with. For those users who don’t want to deal with a separate hosting company, and would prefer simply working with us, we’re happy to announce a new option where we will provide a hosted WooCommerce instance and assistance with initial setup and configuration.

This option will include the normal fee for integrating with an eCommerce platform, as well as hosting fees, including up to 3 TB of data transfer out monthly. If you believe you are likely to need more than this amount – which should be more than enough for most customers – then you can either pay overage fees as needed or you can talk to us in advance about paying for an improved server.

Note that if you want custom design work done to your site, we would still recommend going to a developer – this package will not include this type of design work.

This service starts at $100 per month, plus a one-time $199 basic setup fee or a $399 deluxe setup package that will include help with setting up a domain name and a security certificate.

We think this will be a big help to many of you who may have been uncertain where to begin with getting your inventories online!

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