Gift Cards – Order Now To Have In Time for the Holidays

One feature of the software that is freely available for all users is the internal tracking of gift card balances. Unlike processor-based gift cards, which frequently charge a percentage in the same way that credit card transactions do, internal gift cards carry no cost to use within the system.

We highly recommend using these, especially during the holiday period. They’re an easy gift, and people who are given a gift card to your store may become new frequent shoppers, or at a minimum are very likely to spend more than the balance of the card.

While there is no cost to use this feature for ThunderPOS users, you may want to have professionally printed cards to use. We’ve partnered with Card Market to provide these services to our customers. Pricing is heavily influenced by the quantity you get, so if you need a larger quantity of cards you’re going to get a better deal on a per card basis, but this can include stocking up for times to come.

Additionally, Card Market offers display holders and envelopes for the gift cards in the event you want a more tasteful presentation. You can get a custom quote on printing through the link above, based on your needs! Act soon if you need these for the holiday season – orders need to be in by October 6th to ensure delivery by Black Friday

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