Tips coming soon in ThunderPOS

As stores look to draw customers coming out of the pandemic, more and more are adding some simple food and drink service options. Along with this, we’ve had requests for some way to handle tips, especially with the integrated credit card options.

For credit cards, we’re going to be offering tips at the time of transaction. When using an EMV device, the device will prompt the customer for adding a tip. Depending on your integration, this may be available in or may be further down the road. In all cases, tips are an optional feature; you don’t have to worry that you’ll suddenly be asking the customer for a tip if you’re a store where that would be inappropriate.

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Flexible Promotions

Are you looking to drive some business into your vape shop? Need to get more customers to trade in inventory for your game store? Using and advertising a promotion might be just what you need.

You can reach the setup screen for this through the Store menu under the promotions option. You will need to be logged in as an administrator.

Before setting up promotions, there are a few things you should know.

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A Customized Register Saves Time!

By necessity, the register templates that are built in to ThunderPOS are a little one-size-fits-all. There are several options, and more through the template exchange in the register designer, but these will usually have functions a particular store may not need or want. What you can do is to lay out your buttons yourself.

Want repairs in your record shop, but not rentals or special orders? Have a need to simplify things for the part time employees in your game shop? This approach can get your register to have exactly what you need and no more.

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Detailed Item Fields

One of the biggest advantages you’ll get from using ThunderPOS over a more generic system is the amount of information that can be set about each product in inventory management. These will give your store an advantage over using something like Lightspeed or Quickbooks. Many of these are specifically used for industries like a friendly local game store, a record store, or a vape shop.

There are many, many things you can set about every item. Some of them, virtually any point of sale worth using will have – things like the name of the item or the SKU. However, here we’re going to go over the more specialized ones.

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Age Restricted Items and Driver’s License Scanning

There are many products you may be selling that should only be bought by those of a certain age. This is particularly important to vape shops. Often, by state law, failing to control who you’re selling either tobacco or vape supplies to could result in fines or loss of your business license.

Some states will even perform sting operations, which can result in great legal difficulties.

ThunderPOS gives you tools to help avoid these problems. These tools also can be used to make entering a customer simpler. Let us show you how to keep your vape supplies or other age restricted items secure from underaged purchasers.

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Collectible Copies in a Music Store

There are a lot of options for how to handle conditions within the system for music stores and game stores. These work great for many purposes where copies of items will generally fall within the conditions. For example, one near mint-condition copy of many video games or vinyl records is much like another copy of the same item and condition.

However, there are items where this isn’t the case, where other attributes beyond just condition may greatly change the pricing between items. This could be stamps, coins, comic books or rarer media items like the above.

The example we’re going to use here is that of instruments in a music store. Specifically, we’re going to set up copies of a Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s guitar.

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Performance Improvements

In the most recent set of updates to the Windows version, an emphasis has been placed on performance improvements. Especially for cloud customers, and for additional stations in environments where the network is slow. We’d like to highlight a few areas where this may be noticeable for customers. These are applicable to versions or higher.

Item Search Screen in ThunderPOS
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