Web-Based Backoffice Interface Coming Soon

For our customers using a cloud database, we have an exciting new set of options coming up. In addition to the existing Windows client, you will be able to manage your store through a website from your desktop, phone, or other mobile device. This will initially include managing items and customers, viewing many reports, managing employees, and other functionality. Plans are to expand this over time as well.

Login Screen for the backoffice site on desktop
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Texting and Twitter Integrations Available

As a reminder, releasing today we are offering support for marketing through Twitter and through text messaging. These features, among the most requested following last year’s major updates, allow for help with promoting your store in two similar but distinct ways.

The Twitter integration allows you to link an account to your point of sale and have your employees see incoming direct messages or mentions. This can allow you to reply to customers who might have complaints or concerns. You can also schedule tweets to send out on a recurring basis, or send out information when you get particularly interesting new stock in.

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New Licensing Subscription Website Available

Newly available is our new licensing website!

Through this site, you can manage your own stations and database subscriptions, allowing for instantly adding new stores or stations and linking them with your chain. This will allow you to place and change your own card on file. Starting and canceling a subscription are both quick, easy processes.

In the event your situation is more complicated, such as a store with more than ten stations, or that you want assistance you are still welcome to contact us at sales or support.

Please note that this site is only for new stores going forward; licenses that were not created through this site cannot be managed through it.