Gift Cards – Order Now To Have In Time for the Holidays

One feature of the software that is freely available for all users is the internal tracking of gift card balances. Unlike processor-based gift cards, which frequently charge a percentage in the same way that credit card transactions do, internal gift cards carry no cost to use within the system.

We highly recommend using these, especially during the holiday period. They’re an easy gift, and people who are given a gift card to your store may become new frequent shoppers, or at a minimum are very likely to spend more than the balance of the card.

While there is no cost to use this feature for ThunderPOS users, you may want to have professionally printed cards to use. We’ve partnered with Card Market to provide these services to our customers. Pricing is heavily influenced by the quantity you get, so if you need a larger quantity of cards you’re going to get a better deal on a per card basis, but this can include stocking up for times to come.

Additionally, Card Market offers display holders and envelopes for the gift cards in the event you want a more tasteful presentation. You can get a custom quote on printing through the link above, based on your needs! Act soon if you need these for the holiday season – orders need to be in by October 6th to ensure delivery by Black Friday

WooCommerce Hosting Available

One thing many of our customers struggle with is finding an eCommerce platform to host with. For those users who don’t want to deal with a separate hosting company, and would prefer simply working with us, we’re happy to announce a new option where we will provide a hosted WooCommerce instance and assistance with initial setup and configuration.

This option will include the normal fee for integrating with an eCommerce platform, as well as hosting fees, including up to 3 TB of data transfer out monthly. If you believe you are likely to need more than this amount – which should be more than enough for most customers – then you can either pay overage fees as needed or you can talk to us in advance about paying for an improved server.

Note that if you want custom design work done to your site, we would still recommend going to a developer – this package will not include this type of design work.

This service starts at $100 per month, plus a one-time $199 basic setup fee or a $399 deluxe setup package that will include help with setting up a domain name and a security certificate.

We think this will be a big help to many of you who may have been uncertain where to begin with getting your inventories online!

Stripe Payment Connector Available

We are making an integration with Stripe for credit card processing available to those who are able to set up a Stripe account. This integration does carry a monthly fee from us to use, currently an introductory offer of $37.50 per terminal. You will need to sign up for an account through, as well as ordering the card readers from them for the Stripe Terminal solution and getting the feature added from us.

As of the current moment, you will need to get the BBPOS WisePOS E units. These will work with either the backoffice register or the Windows version of the software. An integration will soon be available for the iPad as well, which may be able to utilize alternative hardware options that are available through Stripe.

Please let us know if you want to sign up for this, as you will need to have the connector added to your account and to your software subscription.

If you’re looking for information on how to set up a Stripe account, Stripe has more information available here.

Preview of ThunderPOS.Net Register

The web version of our point of sale register is coming soon and is now available for you to try out yourself utilizing the sample customer login!


password: democustomer

To try the register, you’ll simply go to the Register option in the menu along the left, and then start selling things. You’ll have to use the sample database, but you can add a few items there yourself that you have barcodes for if you want to work with them.

Performance Improvements in ThunderPOS 23.2.1

With the upcoming release of 23.2.1, we’ve taken a focus on reengineering some screens for improved performance. In particular, there has been a focus on purchase orders, vendor returns, item searching, and customer searching. While cloud users are likely to gain the most from this, all users will see benefits.

For purchase orders, you should particularly see improvements when loading or saving the order, especially if not doing a receive all. You may also see some improvements when moving items between orders or when performing searches. If you run the standard text report, this has also been sped up in this release.

Vendor returns, similar to purchase orders, should see particular improvements ar0und loading and saving, with smaller gains in speed to be found around reporting and searching.

Item and customer searching will now display on-screen the search criteria that were used. Additionally, searches should be substantially faster in some network setups, and in particular when going between different pages of the same search.

We hope that these changes will be helpful for our customers moving forward!

Shift Closeouts

ThunderPOS users typically run their shift closeout procedures outside of the software, using the sales totals report data for balancing. If you want to continue to do that, you can. If you are looking for a way to do this within ThunderPOS, our new Shift Closeout feature will allow you to do that. Now, you can log shift closeout information and any discrepancies for cash, checks and credit, view shift closeout reports, and edit/delete shift closeout information (if you’re an administrator).

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Graphical Label Designer in ThunderPOS

ThunderPOS currently gives you the ability to generate custom labels using your printers command line interface. However, these require a level of technical skill that many users don’t have, and it can be challenging to get the exact layout you want. To resolve this, we have introduced our graphical label designer feature. Now, you can use a simple, visual, intuitive interface to accurately and efficiently customize your label designs for your store. The designs can be tailored to the label size of your choice, both for items and customers.

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Consignment Support added to ThunderPOS

Support has been added for consignment items in the latest release of ThunderPOS! This suite of features allows any store doing consignment, from a single shelf of artwork from local artists all the way up to a store doing nothing else but, to easily track their items and their consignors, make the payouts that are needed, or anything else you might need for working with consignment product.

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Magic, Pokémon, and Yugioh cards added to VGPC Feed

As of this week Magic, Pokemon, and Yugioh cards have been added to the feed from Video Game Price Charting, in addition to the existing video games portion of the feed.

Those subscribed currently to VGPC will already have access to these new items.

If you are interested in subscribing, please contact sales at (919) 387-7597 x100.